What’s the Deal?

This is my private course, but I usually share well with others!

1) You need a tee time, get that on the home page.

2) I need to meet you before you play.

This course is built on our property around my house, so need to know who’s coming and going.

Do I have to Pay?

This is a free place to enjoy, but I would love to have a little help while you’re throwing. Please help pick up rocks that are in your way… Line a trail, make a piece of art. Basically help make this a better place with each round that goes through.

There is a donation can on hole 18 if you’d like to help out. Funds go towards the end of year Birdies for Boobies tournament.

Do you have have a bathroom? Water?

I do, but you don’t. Gotta keep my house and course separate. Sorry. Feel free to find pee on a tree, please don’t leave a pile.

Can I bring my dog?

I have 2 dogs here, they are great but pretty protective. So if you want to bring your dog, we’ll need to make a plan so they can become friends before bringing yours over.