What’s the Deal?

This is my private course, but I usually share well with others!

1) You need a tee time, get that on the home page.

2) I need to meet you before you play.

This course is built on our property around my house, so need to know who’s coming and going. Arrange to meet through the contact page

Do I have to Pay?

This is a free place to enjoy, but I would love to have a little help while you’re throwing. Please help pick up rocks that are in your way… Line a trail, make a piece of art. Basically help make this a better place with each round that goes through.

There is a donation box @ hole 1 if you’d like to help out. Funds go towards the next cool feature or event.

Do you have have a bathroom?

I do, but you don’t. Gotta keep my house and course separate. Sorry. Feel free to spray pee on a tree, please don’t leave a pile.


Hazards only, Bring your own to drink.

Can I bring my dog?

I have 3 dogs here, they are great but can be protective. So if you want to bring your dog, we’ll need to make a plan so they can become friends before bringing yours over.

Cart Friendly?

There is a groomed path connecting all holes. Carts are great here, all year long. “Rocky Ridge” is a great descriptor for 2 holes… But you’re helping clear the rocks, right?