19 Baskets

Champion level El Guapo Banditos speckle the property in beautiful pink and black powdercoat. Catching just as good as they look.


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What do you have too many of but still hate to loose? I talk to mine, they listen. Can’t have enough right?

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So why create something so special? It’s not about $, play is free. It’s not a business, is a dream.  Haters won’t understand that.  Others that live to see 5 seconds of aerodynamic  perfection get it. You’re welcome here.

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Welcome to My Place!

My wife started this course for me a few years ago as a birthday gift. 9 baskets all setup and painted tee pads ready to go!

Over a the past couple years it’s evolved into a full 18 hole course that’s incredibly satisfying to play!

There’s concrete tee pads to throw from, and 19 of the finest champion level baskets to putt out on.

It’s no slouch for skill either! I designed it very thoughtfully laid out to reward good throws and get you to consider the risk.


Wanna Play here?

I let others in the DG community play here, you just need to check with me first. Check out the contact page, friend me on Facebook, call… whatever. I just need to know who’s coming by and when.

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Update on Course

As I wrap up the great changes here at the course I want to share a few things…

I decided to make a few modifications after two of my neighbors complained about bad throws going onto their property. Honestly, very few disc’s have EVER gone over there, but they appear sensitive about it, and I respect their rights as much as my own! Well, I’m happy to report that after many rounds on the new layout, not one single disc has landed past any of the 20+ “PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING” signs that my neighbors have posted! Woohoo!

Soooo…. Please choose your disc’s and throws carefully when here at Rocky Ridge. Leave your “sometimes this works” attempts for High Bridge. If you have a bad throw and it ends up past one of the “lines” that the neighbors have stretched through the woods to mark our property line, please respect their right to privacy and leave your disc where it is. I’ll get it for you later, just take a pic of where it landed.

The county has responded to a complaint filed by “someone”… Saying that we were running an illegal commercial operation, creating a public nuisance, causing environmental problems, and generating traffic problems. After visiting our amazing course, the county saw through this underhanded attempt at trying to shut the course down and notified the complaintant that RRDG is completely compliant and thanked us for our contributions to the community.

Please let me know if you have any issues with any of the neighbors dogs. They have been reported as being aggressive and I’d hate to have anyone get hurt by them while on my property. I’m sure their owners will show equal respect for my property and guests by keeping their animals contained on their property. A picture or video of any problem will be much appreciated!

So, thank you to everyone that has been a part of this dream, we enjoy the time spent with all you friends, enjoying the beautiful outdoors and the amazing sport of disc golf! If you’re out here and see any of my neighbors out working in their yards, please smile, wave, and wish them the same joy and fulfillment that you have been blessed with… Then turn up your music as you bang chains…